Gaza. September 1, 14.
No time to recover..


Gaza. September 1, 14.

No time to recover..

Damteo Valley part 3 #담터

Damteo Valley part 3 #담터

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July 3rd was the anniversary of Iran Air flight 655, an Iran Air flight carrying only civilians en route from Tehran to Dubai, which was shot down by the US Navy. All 290 passangers on board, including 66 children, were killed.

WOW. I had NO idea. The US military is fucking despicable, as always

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Lying is the best and often also the most ethical way to get a job.
For $150, this guy bought a fake résumé & callable references in an industry he’s never worked in. And got hired:

For a small fee, promises to not only craft an elaborate lie based on your exact job specifications but to see it through for as long as necessary. The site will provide a live HR operator and staged supervisor, along with building and hosting a virtual company website—complete with a local phone number and toll-free fax. CareerExcuse will even go so far as to make the fake business show up on Google Maps.

William Schmidt started the site in 2009, after being let go from his job in a round of layoffs during the lowest depths of the recession.

“While we were all unemployed, a couple of my former coworkers asked me to act as their reference for job interviews,” Schmidt recalled. “I did it for free for my friends, but then I realized that this is some there’s a pretty big demand for. It was something I could take to the public.”

He was right. Within the first 24 hours of launching the CareerExcuse site, Schmidt had already received multiple order for his services. He’s quick to brush off ethical concerns, citing horror stories from his clients about being mistreated by their former employers (and thus being unable to acquire a reference) and noting that it becomes more difficult to land a job the longer someone’s been unemployed.

Employment is a racket. So is college.


May May (x)

bless this dude.

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Well, it looks like my future job worries are over.

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This is so Zizekian

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How fucking far up his ass did he go to pull out that “statistic”? Asian American households make more money than anyone else. uh, no.

And that’s the truth of white privilege, folks

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Friendly reminder that when Lewis and Clark showed up in the Mandan villages of Mitutanka and Nuptadi in 1804, more people were living there than in Washington DC of the same time.



This blog is literally just turning into “random PSAs about Native history” and I think I’m okay with that

eta: …..aaaand it just hit me how absolutely ridiculous it is to call them “villages” considering that’s the case. You don’t see anyone talking about the “village” of Washington DC in 1804, do you? y

Needs reblogged because

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"And then to treat my nation like we don’t know how to fight. We, the Lakota, who are responsible [for being] the first nation to ever militarily defeat the United States of America on the field of battle, and "Lawrence of the Plains” has to teach us how to fight??”

Russel Means on Costner’s Dances With Wolves (1990)

From the fantastic, Native-produced documentary Reel Injun 

and it is on Netflix

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The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (2011), Göran Hugo Olsson

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"Dear Navy, Thanks for stealing our land!"
Save Jeju Now! No Naval Base!


"Dear Navy, Thanks for stealing our land!"

Save Jeju Now! No Naval Base!

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